Corporate Packages

Brochures & Catelogs –

A Brochure, is a booklet with the intention of communicating and reporting on a subject, which can be information about the company, services, a specific product, launch of new services, promotions, appropriate use of an article, etc.

Catalog, is very similar to the brochure, unlike, that this is more focused on the massive sale of products and in most of times, it consists of more content, in this the list of all the products of a company is shown, and they include the description of the same, these are organized by categories, and are very used, for the sale of clothes, articles for the house, accessories, among others.

Folder, is an advertising medium, more compact and at the same time more economical and easy to produce, is focused on the rapid promotion of a product or any type of information, contains the most timely and striking information, and is excellent to complete the information of some brochure or catalog, since these can be used, for promotions, events, or any communication that is of limited time.

Branding & Marketing Packages  

Branding, refers to the process of making, building or reinforcing a brand giving it power and distinctive identity. It is the union of tangible values ​​(product or service) with the intangible values ​​of it (Emotions that you want to transmit, value, credibility, security, etc. .), therefore, it is fundamental to structure the projection and constant evolution, which it will have.

Branding, is multi-faceted and consists of multiple strategies and versatility, it can be used online and offline. There are several types, such as Commercial or Organizational Branding, Personal Branding, Emotional Branding and even Employer Branding, among others, supplying several areas of the organization.

With a market so competitive between wreck and quality, it is more difficult to reach the final consumer and decide for their product, it is here, when the brand must give value to the customer and make the consumer have a special connection, the ability to create a experience and that you fall in love with it.

It is based on a strategy, which reflects the values, mission, culture of the product and likewise of a company, we must take into account all the variables that interact directly or indirectly with the brand and the consumer. The long-term vision is key in the process, for which questions should be asked such as:

Special Corporate Events – 

Due to the variety of media we handle, we can carry out any type of graphic or audiovisual campaign and adapt them to any existing support. From a simple poster or advertisement for the written press to a banner, a microsite, or a video to upload YouTube.


Logo Design – 

The design of your logo is essential since it is the main image of your company. It must meet essential characteristics to be a good professional logo.

Taga believes in the identity and importance of the logo and we work applying the most fundamental techniques of the creation of a Branding that is instantly identifiable to your business objectives.

The concept to be transmitted and its applications so that there are no conflicts when working with it in the future.

A good company image influences your sales and how customers see you or compare you to your competition, so do not play with deceptive companies and trust from the beginning in a professional with quality and proven experience.

Taga once accepted the budget, will make a series of preliminary sketches with the indications, ideas or tastes of the client. In this first phase the client will guide us and these sketches will evolve to the logo sketch. Once this sketch is reached, the Logo is worked on to obtain the final version that will be used in the various applications. This file in professional format will be delivered to the client.

Corporate Image Design & Printing of Basic Stationary – 

The corporate image is the most valuable asset of the company, it is the style and personality of the company, as they want to be perceived and is directly related to the culture and philosophy of the organization, this must be taken to each piece and format of the company, including all online and offline communication channels.

The image goes beyond creating a nice and organized logo, impacting the client is an increasingly difficult task, taking into account that the market grows rapidly and people are exposed to more than 2000 thousand brands a day, so choose correctly a STYLE, will give us the opportunity to be remembered among our competitors and feel identified with the company, brand or product.

Create an image, requires a strategy, and it is fundamental to ask yourself, who do you want to reach? What do you want to transmit? How do you want to be reminded ?, To detract from the image, is a very frequent error, which without realizing, directly affects the reputation of the company.