Why Taga?

About Taga...

Hi, I'm Tania, as a working mom, I could not find funky designs of good quality for the daily needs of my children or for children's parties, so I decided to create Taga dedicated to providing quality and service tailored for any occasion. Taga was created to help companies and people to make products of the best quality, whether for home, business or personal expression. We can make what you care about and your exprssion needs be maintained.


Any Shape

We design to create any shape without restrictions of standard shapes, such as rectangles, squares or circles for die-cut shapes of your choice.


Any Size

Whether you want a simple 6 x 4 cm design or a 6.8 x 4.2 cm design, we guarantee that your product will be cut to 0.1 cm from your specifications.


Any Quantity

We offer a personalized service from orders as low as 1 to an unlimited amount for which we can offer a personalized quote. Just pay for the amount you need!